My sons try to start each of their school days with some news, and we found CNN 10 to be a good summary at the start of the pandemic.

Usually it’s mostly superficial and just glances over the news (though they really didn’t pull punches reporting on the riot at the Capitol, for instance). I think it’s a decent news show for their ages (8 and 10) and good for at least a bit of discussion of current events without dealing with sensationalism.

As today was the day after the Super Bowl, the main story was about the NFL and COVID-19. I actually really liked it as it discussed precisely what the NFL did to keep their COVID-19 infection rates down and what their findings were. In the end, they found the CDC guidelines are too loose (particularly the 15 minutes of cumulative, 6’ or less contact with an infected individual over a 24 hour period). They found that greeting, meeting, and eating are the three main activities that have spread the disease, with a massive focus on where that’s happening (inside or outside) and what the ventilation is like. Some pretty good information to unpack here.…

Geoffrey Sperl @geoffreysperl