Are Republicans like Trekkies?

Watching the people (the rude, condescending, racist people) attending McCain-Palin rallies, I’m becoming more and more curious as to why McCain isn’t doing the honorable thing and correcting them.

Think of Shatner on Saturday Night Live all those years ago:


When is McCain going to grow a pair? Shatner did it. Shatner not only bit but ate the hand feeding him with that skit. Yet John McCain stands idly by as members of his audience call Obama a terrorist or teach their children that you can only touch him with gloves on.

What type of man who puts “country first” allows this to pass?

John McCain is not going to win this election unless it comes out that the Obama family eats babies three times a day. This is the point where McCain needs to reel in his campaign, tell Palin to shut the fuck up, and shake some damn sense into the people who are following him.

McCain, and only McCain, needs to get it through their heads that it’s time to get a life, get their own apartment, and grow up. I doubt he’ll do it… but it’s the most responsible thing he can do with the remainder of the train wreck that is his 2008 presidential campaign.

UPDATE: Looks like McCain finally took his supporters to task by saying Obama is a “decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared of as president of the United States.” Good for him. However, like Shatner in the skit, still backpedaled a bit… but at least he has had the decent graces to not cast Obama as the boogeyman.