An Irresponsible Supreme Court

Think free speech rights are safe in the US? Think again. The student was not on school property and he was being satirical, yet his high school principal felt it was in her rights to suspend him for 10 days for, again, a prank that was not held on school property. This is coming from Alaska, even — one of the most libertarian societies in the country.

This isn’t just about free speech rights, folks. This is about our rights as private citizens to express ourselves in ways that are protected under the Constitution of the United States. George W. Bush, in talking out of his ass about a smaller government and less federal interference in private lives, has hypocritically pulled the wool over America’s eyes.

Don’t let the modern conservative movement fool you — they are not concerned about anything other than policing morality from their point-of-view as to what morality is (fundamentalist Christian morality). Their view of “moral law” is restricted to that which they learned in Sunday and Vacation Bible schools. They do not bring Kant or Locke into the discussion, and perish the thought that Jefferson’s views be discussed. Just consider yourself a heathen and a sinner because you don’t goose-step to the Christian fascists currently in power in the administration.

Do not let this stand, ladies and gentlemen — otherwise your rights will disappear one night.