Kurt Vonnegut has died. So it goes.

So, Kurt Vonnegut is dead at 84.

Well, he was getting up there, but it wasn’t like he died from a heart attack. It was a fall a while back and the injuries he sustained from it.

It’s also not like I was the world’s biggest Vonnegut fan, but to discount the work he did would be silly. Plus, I think he’s the one who helped science fiction become “literary.” It was rare before Vonnegut that science fiction was taken seriously outside of the genre’s circles.

Kurt Vonnegut has died. So it goes.

Peanut Butter, the Atheist’s Nightmare!

Normally I don’t like to give any audience to the nutjobs in the creationist community, but this one is even better than Kirk Cameron getting turned on by the intelligent design principles of a banana (that video still scares the hell out of me).

Basically, the issue is that the creationists in this video are mistaking evolution, which is “process of change over time in the heritable characteristics, or traits, of a population of organisms” (from Wikipedia) for abiogenesis, which is “the generation of life from non-living matter” (also from Wikipedia).

Last time I looked, peanut butter was no longer living matter. If it’s not living matter then that means we are talking about debunking abiogenesis in this video, not evolution. Never mind the pasteurized content, the decontaminated storage vessel and the sealed environment that exists in order for the peanut butter to not become a comfy bed for airborne bacteria and other little creatures.

And, if you were wondering: No, I do not believe that any divine power had any hand in creating anything, living or not, in the universe. That to me does not disprove or discount a divine presence, I just personally think it would have a hell of a lot of other things to do than deal with us.