Retro Audio Review: Busted Stuff by Dave Matthews Band

You know, Dave Matthews has always been an artist whose work I love or really dislike — I’m rarely lukewarm about him. He and his band have been relatively uneven recently, but I find myself constantly coming back to 2002’s Busted Stuff, which is what the “Lillywhite Sessions” turned into. If you don’t know the story about the Lillywhite Sessions I won’t go into it here (there’s a good recap on Wikipedia), but this is not the album Dave Matthews wanted to release.

However, I have to say, this album is the strongest the band has put out. The best known track on this album is “Where Are You Going?” (used in the soundtrack for Adam Sandler and Winona Ryder’s Mr. Deeds), which is a nice track, but the strong tracks, “Grace is Gone” (one of the very few songs to have a five star rating in my iTunes library) and “Digging a Ditch,” are excellent examples of DMB’s musical abilities and why, as uneven as they can be, this is a band that will survive as an influence well into this century.

So, if you find yourself to be a fan of good music, or a passing fan of of DMB, I heartily recommend picking up Busted Stuff (buy it new by clicking on the link above or check out

Jack Thompson on Tour!

This harkens back to the post yesterday about Eric Schmidt telling geeks to get off their pasty white asses and get involved in the political process.

Listen: You might not play videogames or even give two shits about them, but this is still related. Until DC has a grasp (and the EFF beating their heads in about it doesn’t mean they grasp it, though the EFF is a damn good thing and I am not belittling them in any way, shape, or form) on what IT means, they will always listen to knee-jerk ambulence chasers and media whores like Jack Thompson and their right-wing schtick.

As a 33-year-old who does play games like Nintendogs and is pre-ordering a Nintendo Wii but will turn around and, yes, kill a hooker after the the character in Grand Theft Auto has sex with her… I just have this to say:

Those who are responsible with IT (and videogames fall in this realm) must stand up and hlep guide those who don’t get it. Jack Thompson doesn’t get it, but I don’t think he’s a complete boob either. However, he helps fuel people who are complete boobs (let’s not forget the twit from my home state of Texas who wants Farenheit 451, a book about banning books, banned from the curriculum in his kid’s school — he’s one of those “complete boobs” I’m referring to), and that’s where the danger is at.

I bet Ted Stevens knows who Jack Thompson is, but he doesn’t know that the Internet is not a series of tubes. Hillary Clinton knows who Jack Thompson is, but I do not see her doing anything other than pandering to the supposed “values voters” out there. Joe Liberman had his ass rightfully handed to him in the Democratic primary because he just doesn’t care to inform himself of what the actual state of events is. Hell, I like one of my senators, Debbie Stabenow, and she even signed on to the silly copyright bills that keep floating around DC.

That is simply because no one has managed to educate these people. It falls to us in the IT community to do so.