Welcome to your democracy

Okay… Dubya and his gang need to get it through their collective thick skulls: Democracy means that the people vote for those who they believe best represent them.

So the Palestinians voted for Hamas in this past election. Now Fatah and the US government are bitching.

Didn’t we want to bring democracy to the Mideast? Wasn’t that the (post-WMD rationale, of course) idea of invading Iraq? Isn’t that we are supposedly encouraging in Lebanon? And what we wanted in Palestine?

Listen, folks, I voted for Al Gore and John Kerry. I did not want George Bush in office and, yes, I despise the man. But (leaving Florida and Ohio out of the discussion for a moment, even though I know it’s difficult to), this is the way a democracy works — you will not always have people in power that you agree with. South America elects some socialists, Iraq has a primary shi-ite parliament, Canada elects conservatives, Palestine elects Hamas.

Welcome to your democracy, Neo-Cons. You wanted your bed made this way, now you get to sleep in it. Enjoy.