Pro-user Zealots Unite!

In a response to the overwhelmingly arrogant statements made by Parkdale/High Park Canadian MP Sam Bulte (thus proving that no part of the political spectrum in any country is immune to idiocy), a fellow named Brad has created the “Pro-User Zealot” bumper sticker.

I highly recommend getting one for anyone, like myself, who travels to Canada on a regular basis. Of course, anyone who travels to South Carolina or Orlando, Florida might want one, too.

But, there is a possible turn of events coming, and that’s in the possible purchase of Pixar by Disney. If Disney buys Pixar, Steve Jobs stands to become the single largest shareholder in Disney itself. And that means clout. A lot of clout. Now, we’ll have to see what that ends up meaning since Jobs does clearly have a positive view of DRM (as seen in the file protection used in the iTunes Music Store), but I think it would help lead to a turn in how media is being delivered and played. Guess we’ll just have to see.

Oh, and, in those of you in Toronto’s Parkdale/High Park area? Vote for someone other than your corrupt Liberal MP, please. Consituents in the US and Canada need to show their elected officials that it’s the voters interests that are to be represented, not the highest bidders’.

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