War on Christmas?

There’s a war on Christmas in the US? A majority-Christian country has declared war on Christmas?

Does the Religious Right have nothing of substance to talk about other than an ill-conceived notion of a perceived attack on the rights of the majority? Let’s stop the bullshit, let’s talk about real issues, and let’s stop making mountains out of molehills. 

There are three specific holidays I think of when I think of “Happy Holidays”: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. I consider the “Holiday Season” to start at Thanksgiving, and thus it makes sense to wish everyone well for all of those holidays. And, yes, I wish “Happy Holidays” to Jewish friends, but my wife and I also send them Chanukah cards.

This is silly. Wishing someone a good holiday should not be attacked by people who have the deluded notion that they are the moral voice of the US. Grow up, folks. There is no war on Christmas.

Oh, and Happy Holidays, everyone.

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