Catholic school violates the First Amendment

Speaking as a survivor of Catholic school (though I was at a Jesuit school and not a diocese one), I’m somehow not surprised about this: The Reverend Kieran McHugh, pincipal of Pope John XXIII Regional High School in Sparta, NJ, has told the students they have to take their blogs down or face suspension.

He fed a line of protecting “students from online sexual predators who may be lurking in cyberspace” bullshit to The Daily Record. Let’s be honest: Someone’s upset that a bunch of teenagers got on their blogs to complain about how unfair their teachers and school are.

You know what, McHugh? Grow up. Show the kids a good example, as opposed to the example of obsfucation and secrecy they are seeing out of the current president’s administration and out of Rome. But, since you have taken this step, it’s clear to me, and many others, that you are nothing but a weak-willed tool. I hope a parent sues the pants off you and the diocese.

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