Fighting the enemy incorrectly…

Dubya continues to prove how out of touch with reality he is when he tries to tell us the war in Iraq will help stop more 9/11-type attacks.

I’m sorry, but he’s just dead wrong and, deep down, we all know it. Why do I say he’s wrong? Because, if you read why bin Laden says they attacked us, you’ll see that we’ve not addressed any of those issues: Our troops are still in Saudi Arabia, we have done nothing to bring an end to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and we are still making massive assumptions about the Middle East (don’t forget — we were going to be seen as “liberators” by the Iraqis we were freeing, remember?).

I am not saying bin Laden is right. I am saying, instead of exploring what the motives of the terrorists are and exactly what is happening in their minds, we are playing the cowboy and making ourselves an even larger target. Yup, you heard me right: I feel less safe since March of 2003 than I did between September, 2001 and March, 2003.


Because we have a president who doesn’t seem to grasp the concept that we have upset muslims outside of the fundamentalist sects. We have upset mainstream, westernized muslims. How do we explain the kids who bombed the London underground? They were born and raised in the UK, but they felt threatened by the policies the US and UK are currently following.

Again, I’m not saying that we should coddle the terrorists or make excuse for them… but we must learn to understand what their motivations are. If we are going to ever defeat them, we must deal with them on a psychological battlefield.

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