Shrub has done it now…

Shrub… so called because he’s only a baby bush.

I’ve tried to stay away from the political fray on my web pages because, in general, posting political opinions can draw a lot of rancor from those who disagree with the poster but don’t understand the concept of “freedom of speech.”

However, the freak who currently resides in the White House (the one who was caught red-handed in the “seig heil” pose in the picture above) has finally pissed me off enough to start up a political blog just so I can take him on from the peanut gallery that is the Internet.

What pissed me off finally? What finally took me that one last step to start throwing textual feces at this guy? Was it his insane use of silly photo-ops? His sending us into Iraq on a wild goose chase for imaginary weapons? The Patriot Act?

Alas, no. Those things, and others, have just made me donate more to the causes I believe in, write folks in Congress more often, etc.

But it finally struck me that I have to be verbal about this idiot when he decided, today, to back a Constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages. Now, I’m not gay (nor is my wife), and gay marriage hasn’t really weighed on my conscience all that much because, while I agree with it, I believe it’s something the gay community and the state governments have to deal with. Within 40 years I suspect it will be a non-issue and gay marriage will be a widely respected and allowed practice.


Shrub wants to use this as a photo-op, as a way to rally the conservative base of the Republican party into a frothing frenzy to defend Mom and Apple Pie and make damn sure that your Mom does it with your Dad on top in the missionary position because, of course, that’s marriage in the mind of Shrub.

Are you paying attention, Log Cabin Republicans? This is your President. This is the man who ran for your party’s nomination for President, the party that supposedly abhors federal government intervention in state, local and personal matters. And now he’s telling you you shouldn’t be allowed to marry and that you shouldn’t be allowed to express the commitment and love to your partner that I and my wife have. Your organization stated that it wouldn’t support the amendment — will you remember that come November? Will you remember the betrayal?

He is essentially calling for the Constitution to call gay Americans second-class citizens.

Are you listening, civil rights activists? Eventually this could come to race and creed, you realize that don’t you? The right for non-Christian weddings could eventually be rescinded — it just has to be put in the Constitution. Do we want to outlaw hijabs and other religious clothes and symbols the way that France has?

Do we want to become a nation of oatmeal-like Ward and June Cleaver clones? (Funny… I thought Shrub opposed cloning…)

We’re headed that way. All of the diversity and inclusion we have strived for in the past 50 years will be gone. We will all be listening to Dean Martin and the boys will go to shop class while the girls go to home economics.

And all of our differences will be swept under the rug as opposed to the progress we’ve made.

I’m not convinced we’ll be dealing with a 1950’s revival, nor do I think we are an open-minded inclusive society (I just drove through the Deep South of the US on a road trip… I know we aren’t), but I think we have taken some major steps in the past 50 years that could be threatened by something as backasswards as this proposed amendment.

This is serious stuff, folks. Serious and scary stuff.

Only one amendment has ever been repealed and that’s prohibition, which was also the last time we tried to restrict people’s morals and actions using the Constitution. There’s no guarantee that repealing this proposed amendment would be as easy.

Think, folks. Your vote will matter this year.