Reflections on The Salmon of Doubt

Sometimes it takes the simplest things to set us back on track (we, as humans, are fickle things, after all).

The Salmon of Doubt has had that effect on me. I’ve started to finally come back to my own writing and reading after a year of fairly low productivity.

I was gaining speed in my writing when I was laid off. Then I was really starting to settle in and get ready for more writing last May when Douglas Adams died.

Now that really sucked giant donkey balls.

The rest of my layoff was depression-and-TechTV-filled until the wedding planning finally came into play. Then I landed the job at the Help Desk (the real help desk at WSU, not the silly little one at the UGL), and got married and moved to a new place…

I can’t believe I really haven’t written in a while. I really haven’t read in a while, either (why I decided to try and read The Last Temptation of Christ as light reading is beyond me). And then Liza and I went on a bit of a buying-spree at Borders and I picked up Salmon. The book is, basically, a hodge-podge of Douglas Adams’s articles, interviews, quips, quotes, statements, passages, etc.

I love it. It really helps to be reading something from someone who’s enjoying it (one of my biggest pet peeves is to see an artist seemingly not enjoying what they’re doing…>coughcough<). I’m relaxing to the piece and enjoying Adams’s observations and thoughts. This book is a nice way to say goodbye, though I would love to see some correspondence.

And, now, I’m actually refocusing on my writing because of this book. Funny how that happens, isn’t it?